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 Collecting United States Soft Drink Items


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 Mountain Dew Bottles


         Mountain Dew

          1955   Contents 7 FL. OZS.     Barney and Ally     Hartman Beverage Company  Johnson City Tennessee    Pre Pepsi

             1964   12 Fluid Ounces     Filled By Rex and Betty

             1965   10 Fluid Ounces

             1965   10 Fluid Ounces     Filled By Honest John

             1965   12 Fluid Ounces

             1966   10 FL. OZ.   embossed no return

             1966     8 Fluid Ounces

                          One Pint

             1969   10 FL. OZ.

             1971   10 FL. OZ.   embossed no return

                         10 Fluid Ounces   Yahooo!



              1975   10 FL. OZ.

                          16 FL. OZ. (1 PT)   embossed no return

                          16 FL. OZ. (1PT)  473 ml

              1977   32 FL OZ (1QT) 946 ml

              1978   1 LITTER 33.8 FL OZ (1QT 1.8 OZ)

              1978  2 LITTER 67.6 FL. OZ. (2 QTS 36 FL OZ)

              1988   16.9 FL OZ ( 1 PT.9 Fl Oz) 500ml

                          12 FL. OZ. (354 mL)    no return  

              1991   12 FL OZ (354 ml)    no return

              1992   10 FL OZ (296ml)    

                          12 FL OZ (355 mL)    no return

              1995   16 FL OZ (1 PT) 473ml

              2007   12 FL OZ (355 mL)



          Special Issue

             1979  Southern Flue-Cured Tobacco Festival

             1986  Last Bottle Produced    Mt. Vernon, Ohio    April 30, 1986

             1992  Inaugural Mountain Dew Southern 500    September 6, 1992     no return

             1993  Marshall University Thundering Herd     I-AA National Champions     December 19, 1992     no return

             2003  Mountain Dew Car    no return

             2003  Mountain Dew   The Dew Crew    no return



          Mt Dew Aluminum Bottles

             2007 Green Label Art     Limited Distribution

                        Peat Wollaeger     "Bill Hilly"

                        Chuck Anderson     "Just Like Snow Flakes"

                        Dr Revolt     "Splish Splash"

                        Jeff Staple     "Staple X"

                        JT Woodruff     "Umbrellas"

                        Chris Pastras     "Pharaohs of Dew"

                        Mark Nardelli     "Don't Sleep"

                        Metham Phibian     "Trunda"

                        Tweeqim    "Dew Lords of the Deep"

                        Mark Nardelli     "Pop Art Pirate"

                        Adam Juresko     "Paper Tigers"

                        Troy Denning     "Concrete Dragon"



             2007  Halo 3   Game Fuel     Limited Distribution



             2008 Green Label Art   Volume 1     National Distribution    

                        The most popular bottles from the 2007 release that were re-issued have a numbered white rectangle by UPC code.

                        Pete Wollaeger     "Bill Hilly"     re-issue

                        Chuck Anderson     "Just Like Snow Flakes"     re-issue

                        Troy Denning     "Concrete Dragon"     re-issue  

                         Dez     "Do The Dew"

                         Haze     "MD Superstar"

                         Scott Lenhardt & Danny Davis     "Reflections of Dew"  



             2008 Green Label Art   Volume 2     National Distribution

                        Billy The Artist     "Open Eyes"

                        Mike Sutfin     "Hessian Henchman"

                        Mark Smith     "Happy Heads"

                        PJ Richardson     "J Church"

                        Stephan "Maze" Georges     "Dew Celebration"

                        Troy Denning     "Fearless Fury"



             2008 Pushead        




              2008 Red, White, & Blue 4th of July     National Distribution

                        Stars and Stripes






             2008 NASCAR     National Distribution

                       Thirst for Victory   Darrel Waltrip

                       Martinsville Speedway   Sam Bass

                       Two Cars

                       Night Racing    



            2009 Green Label Art     Volume III     Limited Distribution

                       Claw Money     "Ups and Downs"

                       Jeff McMillian     "Beware Mountain"

                       Nathan Cabrera     "The Revolution Will Be Mechanized"

                       Pushead     "Scarecrow Genie"

                       Stephen Bliss     "Ocean of Mountain Dew"

                       UPSO     "Wake Up"

                       Evan Coburn     "Circle of 8"



          2013 16 FL OZ over (1 PT) over 473 mL 

          2019 16 FL OZ over (1 PT) over 473 mL   Call-Duty  Modern Warfare