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 Collecting United States Soft Drink Items


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Barqs Root Beer

1898      Edward Barq     Biloxi, Mississippi

Acquired by Coke in 1995  



         7.5 OZ

            2011 100 Calories    

         2017 100 Calories   Has Bite    



         8 OZ

           2003 Root Beer



          12 OZ

          1966  SS   Drink above Name  "It's Good" Root Beer under Name   

          1970  SS   Drink above Name   "It's Good"  Root Beer  under Name   

          1972  SS  Barq's Root Beer above Name   "It's Good" under Name  

          1976  CS  Root Beer above Name   "It's Good" under Name    UPC 



          1979  Since 1898   It's Good!    

          1979  Since 1898   It's Good!     CS

          1988  It's Good!   90th Anniversary    

          1988  It's Good!   90th Anniversary    12 Pack rim    

          1996  X-Mas Cash    

          2000  Original Louisiana Root Beer       

          2012  It's Good Since 1898     

          2018 120 Years of Bite    


        SETS  Exclusive to Barqs Root Beer


         1999  Buffy The Vampire Slayer  Collectible Series     WB     Set of 4          Atlanta GA 30327

                     Buffy             Giles             Will & Oz          Xander



            2000  Bart Simpson Collector's Series     Set of 2          Atlanta GA 30327

            Student: Bart Simpson   Wardrobe: Barq's Root Beer  

            Bart BKB-O-LUX 



            2002  Barqs Safari at the Saint Louis Zoo's River's Edge.     Set of 4         Atlanta GA 30327

                    Bush Dog       Warthog       Asian Elephant        Hippopotamus