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 1985 Special Issue Pepsi Cola Cans


            Celebrates First Flight in Space    Young Astronaut Program    
           AZ University of Arizona    100 Years     
           CA Blue Angles Air Show    June 29 - 30    
           CO Carousel Days    June 1985     
            DL 50th Anniversary    1935 - 1985     
            FL  Broward County Fair    10th Anniversary  ES
FL  Dade County Youth Fair    $1 Off Admission    ES
            FL  Florida State Fair    Pepsi Day Feb 6th    Save $2.50    

            FL  Miami Carnival      ES
            FL  Santa's Enchanted Forest    Save $3     ES


            FL  Strawberry Festival   50th Anniversary    Feb 28 - March 9    
            FL  Wet & Wild    Save $2   ES 
            ID   Eastern Idaho State Fair    Pepsi Family Day Sept 6th

            IL   Home Run Countdown     
            KS  Dodge City Days    1885    
            KS  Dodge City Days    1985     
            MO Columbia MO   50th Anniversary   1935 - 1985       ES
            MO Ozark Empire Fair    Pepsi Day August 1st    ES


            MT Great Falls State Fair    July 27 - Aug 3    
            MT Montana State Football Schedule     
            MT University of Montana    Home Football Schedule 
            NE  Young Astronauts    July 1985    First Flight in Space    
            OK  Bells Amusement Park    $2 Off Admission     
            OK Cowboys / Sooners Pigskin Playoff    
            OR  University of Oregon / Oregon State University     



           SD    Blue Background Titles   4 Can Set    Norfolk NE 



           SD     White Background Titles   4 Can Set      St Paul MN     ES   


       SD     Two different designs   5 Can Set       Worland WY



            WA Yakima Centennial    1885 - 1985     
            WI  Home Run Countdown     
            WY Buttrey Stores   50th Anniversary     
            WY Torrington    20th Anniversary     
            WY University of Wyoming Football Schedule    
            WY Wyoming State Fair    Aug 18 - 25    Ronnie Milsap