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1984 Special Issue Pepsi-Cola Cans

         AK   Alaska 25 Years of Statehood     red panel     
         AK   Alaska 25 Years of Statehood     white panel    
         CA   Children's Miracle Network Telethon     June 2 & 3     Contribution Bank
         CO   Win $250,000     Daily Winners Game    
         CO   Carousel Days     June 1984    
         CO   Children's Hospital Telethon     Contribution Bank
         DL   Red Win up to $1000     21 Game  
          FL   Dade County Youth Fair     Half Price Off Admission     ES    
          HI    Aloha  Hawaii Statehood     25th Anniversary     August 21, 1959 - August 21, 1984


         IN    Win a Pontiac Fiero     Indy 500 Race Game     

         IN    Jackson's World Tour    Red Torch     ES
         IN    Jackson's World Tour     Red Torch  
         MD  Children's Miracle Network Telethon     June 2 & 3     Allegheny     Contribution Bank

         MO  Ozark Empire Fair     Pepsi Day July 31st     ES            

         MT  State Fair     July 28th - Aug 4th     Great Falls    
         MT  University of Montana     84-85 Basketball Schedule  
         NY   Blue Win up to $1000     21 Game    

         OH  Win $10,000     Bingo Game    


         1984  OK  Lionel Richie Songs      6 Can Set      Abilene TX
          All Night Long
          Penny Lover
          Stuck On You
          You Are



           OK   Bell's Amusement Park     $2 Off Thru September    

           SC  Jackson's World Tour    White Torch    Taste the Pride of the Carolina's   



           SD  South Dakota    blue border   4 Can Set      Norfolk NE  



           SD  South Dakota     red border    4 Can Set      St Paul MN    ES  


    SD  South Dakota    red border    4 Can Set      Worland WY



           TX  Jackson's World Tour     White Torch     
           TX  Pepsi Presents Menudo     
           VA  Jackson's World Tour    White Torch     ES  
           WI  Milwaukee Brewers    Home Run Coundown    

           WI  Red Win up to $1000    21 Game    Lady     
           WY University of Wyoming Football Schedule