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2010's Special Issue Dr Pepper Cans



             Marvel Iron Man II     Numbered Series of 14 Cans     Plano TX 75024   

             1   LTD Iron Man Mark VI     Dr Pepper

             2   Tony Stark   Iron Man     Dr Pepper

             3   Lt Col. James Rhodes   War Machine     Dr Pepper

             4   Ivan Vanko   Whiplash     Dr Pepper

           5  Tony Stark   Iron Man     Diet Dr Pepper

             6   Pepper Potts     Diet Dr Pepper

             7   Black Widow     Diet Dr Pepper



             8   Tony Stark   Iron Man     Cherry Dr Pepper

             9   Lt Col. James Rhodes   War Machine     Cherry Dr Pepper

             10 Ivan Vanko   Whiplash     Cherry Dr Pepper

             11 Nick Fury   Shield     Cherry Dr Pepper

            12 Tony Stark   Iron Man     Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

             13 Pepper Potts     Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

             14 Black Widow     Diet Cherry Dr Pepper



             IL   Saluki Basketball Schedule   Save $2.00    

             OH Catch Up With Spike  Toledo Walleye Hockey   

             OK Children's Zoo   The Oklahoma City Zoo   Free Admission    

             PA Lake Erie Monsters   Get $5 Off

             TX  Dallas Cowboys   50 Years    1960 - 1910   Team Trivia   

             TX  State Fair of Texas   SUPER SIZED FUN   $3.00 Tuesdays!    




             Dr Pepper $1,000,000 Tuition Giveaway Series     Plano TX 75024

             Jennie Armstrong     $5,000 Winner     Louisiana State University     Dr Pepper 

             Lorena Barbosa-Mireles     $5,000 Winner     University of Wisconsin     Diet Dr Pepper

             Nickki Boon     $123,000 Winner     Belmont University     Dr Pepper

             George Hayward   $123,000 Winner     Penn State University     Diet Dr Pepper

             Allison Schwartz     $5,000 Winner     University of Missouri     Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

             Ronnie Tisdale     $123,000 Winner    Stanford University     Dr Pepper

             Chris Valliere    $23,000 Winner   University of Texas     Dr Pepper 

             Casey Vidovich     $123,000 Winner     UNLV School of Dental Medicine     Cherry Dr Pepper



             Marvel Studios THOR Only In Theatres   Series of 6 Cans     Plano TX 75024 1

             Thor     Dr Pepper

             The Destroyer     Dr Pepper

             Sif     Diet Dr Pepper

            Warriors III     Diet Dr Pepper

             Loki     Cherry Dr Pepper

             Heimdall     Diet Cherry Dr Pepper



              OH  2011 Big Championship   Win a VIP trip to the Big Ten Championship    

              OH  Night under FIRE   August 13th   Summit Motorsports Park    

              TX   A T&T Cotton Bowl Classic   Win a VIP Trip    




          Dr Pepper $1,000,000 Tuition Giveaway Series      Plano TX 75024

            Kaitlyn Althouse   $100,000 Winner   Lancaster General College   Diet Dr Pepper

            Courtney Brand   $7,500 Winner   Georgetown   Dr Pepper

            Marcus Espinoza   $7,500 Winner   Arizona State University   Cherry Dr Pepper

            Zuleima Hidalgo   $7,500 Winner   USC   Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

            Antron McCullough   $23,000 Winner   Saint Leo University   Diet Dr Pepper

            Jeremy Mehta   $100,000 Winner   SUNY Brockport     Dr Pepper Ten

            Glorie Ndongala   $23,000 Winner   SAGU   Dr Pepper

             Ivon Padilla-Rodriguez   $100,000 Winner   University of Nevada   Dr Pepper

             Erin Rhodes   $100,000 Winner   Hope College   Dr Pepper



          Marvel Avengers     Only in Theaters   Series of 8 Cans     Plano TX 75024   

             Black Widow     Diet Dr Pepper

             Captain America     Dr Pepper

             Hawkeye     Diet Dr Pepper

             Iron Man     Dr Pepper

             Loki     Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

             Nick Fury     Cherry Dr Pepper

            The Hulk     Dr Pepper

             Thor     Dr Pepper



           IL Official Soft Drink of the Bears    

              IL  Salukis   Men's Basketball Home Schedule    

              MO  Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo   August 8-11   60th Annual   1953-2012   

              OK  Oklahoma City Zoo   FREE Adult or Child Admission    

              TX  State Fair of Texas   $5 Tuesdays 




          Dr Pepper $1,000,000 Tuition Giveaway Series     Plano TX 75024

            Kelsey Berg   $100,000 Winner     Diet Dr Pepper Cherry 

            Garrett Booker   $100,000 Winner     Dr Pepper 

            Jacob Desatoff     $23,000 Winner     Diet Dr Pepper 

            Lauren Hubbard     $7,500 Winner     Dr Pepper 

            Marirllas Nieves     $7,500 Winner     Dr Pepper 

            Layla Piorkowski     $7,500 Winner     Diet Dr Pepper

            Navid Radfar     $100,000 Winner     Dr Pepper 

            Anna Trundle   $7,500 Winner     Dr Pepper 

            Tiffany Yamex   $7,500 Winner     Cherry Dr Pepper 

            Taylor Zike   $23,000 Winner     Dr Pepper Ten 



            IL Matt Maher   Pepsi Free Song Download   

             IL Official Soft Drink of the Bears  

          MO Official Soft Drink of the Rams    

            TX HRH2O Water Park      Wanted





            GA  SEC Football    

             IL   Chicago Bears   16 oz   

             IL   Casting Crowns   Free Song Download       

             IL   Darius Rucker   Win A Southern Style VIP Experience         

             IL   Get Up And Away On Southwest    

             IL   Official Soft Drink of the Bears    

            OH  Pro Football Hall of Fame   Save $6 Off Admission    

            TN  Lake Winnie Amusement Park   Come On, Get Happy! Fridays at Lake Winnie!    

            TX  Official Soft Drink of the Cowboys    

            TX  Official Soft Drink of the Cowboys  16  oz    




              Marvel Advengers   Age of Ultron   Only in Theaters     Set of Seven     Plano TX 75024

              1  Hulk    

              2  Iron Man   

              3  Thor    Dr Pepper 10

              4  Captain America  Diet

              5  Hawkeye    Diet Cherry

              6  Black Widow    Cherry

              7  Ultron   Cherry



                IL Win A 2016 Klove Fan Awards VIP Experience     Plano TX 75024 


                     Natalie Grant     Diet   


                    Tenth Avenue North     Diet   


                 CA Raging Waters    Best Summer Ever!  Deals    

                 GA  SEC Football    

                 IL  Official Soft Drink of the Chicago Bears       

                 MO Official Soft Drink of the Rams    

                 OK  The Oklahoma City Zoo   FREE Admission   

                 TN  Lake Winnie Amusement Park   Come On, Get Happy! Fridays at Lake Winnie!   

                 TX Official Soft Drink of the Cowboys   

                 TX Official Soft Drink of the Cowboys   16 oz   

                 TX Scarborough Renaissance Festival     Wanted

                 TX State Fair of Texas     Wanted   




                 GA Made for Collage Football Fans   SEC      

                 IL  Chicago Bears   

                 IL  You Could Win A VIP Experience with OLD Dominion

                 OK OKC Zoo   Free Child Admission

                 TN Lake Winnie Amusement Park   Come On, Get Happy!  

                 TX  Dallas Cowboys    

                 TX  Texas Rangers



               Batman v Superman Movie     Numbered Series of Five     Plano TX 75024

               1  Batman    

               2 Superman  Diet    

               3 Wonder Woman   Cherry    

               4 Lois Lane   10   

               5 Lex Luther   Diet Cherry

            Three panel     Batman / Wonder Woman / Superman    16 oz

               Three panel     Batman/ Movie Logo/ Superman     Cherry    16 oz




               FL  SEC Football  Conference

               IL   Collectors Edition   Chicago Bears

               IL  You could win a Nashville VIP Experience   Kane Brown   

               IL  You could win a Vegas VIP Experience   Dustin Lynch  

               OK Oklahoma City Zoo  

               TN  Lake Winnie Amusement Park

               TX  Collectors Edition    Dallas Cowboys

               TX  NRH2O  Family Water Park

               TX  Texas Rangers



              Wonder Women      Series of Four     Plano TX 75024

               Dr Pepper    

               Diet Dr Pepper    

               Cherry Dr Pepper   

               Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

               Dr Pepper    16 oz




               IL You could win a Vegas VIP Experience   Jon Pardi   


               Dr Pepper