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 Collecting United States Soft Drink Items


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Large Coca-Cola Cans

We are looking for cans listed in black.



            16 & 16.9 OZ Coke Cans


            1967  SS    Small Diamond     Portland Oregon    
            1972  AL    White Ribbon  Big Can for Lovers    No UPC    All-Aluminum Can   

            1972   SS    White Ribbon   Big Can for Lovers   No UPC     

            1972   CS    Big Can for Loverís    Backpack Offer         

            1972   CS    Big Can for Loverís    Great Olympic Moments Offer      

            1973   CS    Big Can for Loverís    Airplane Offer   



            1976   AL   Big Can for Lovers   Trademark over Ingredients    
            1976   CS    Big Can for Lovers   Trademark over Ingredients added     
            1978   AL   White Ribbon   16 Oz Size     
            1978   AL   White Ribbon   Special Offer 4 ozs Free     
            1980   AL   White Ribbon   Big Can for Lovers in Black Letters   
            1980   AL   White Ribbon   Big Can for Lovers in Red Letters     



          1984  16.9 FL OZ 500 ml 1/2 LITER   Three Panel   Resealable Cap ALL-ALUMINUM CAN

          1984  500 mL 16.9 FL OZ (1.05 PT)    HALF LITER   Resealable Cap   How to Open  Instructions     RECYCLABLE ALUMINUM 



          1990   White/Silver Ribbon   1/3 More in Yellow outlined in Red   
          1993   White/Silver Ribbon  1/3 More in White outlined in Black     
          1993   Always  1/3 More in Red outlined in Black    
          1994   Always and Bottle  1/3 More in White outlined in Black  

          1994   White/Silver Ribbon   NCAA Final Four   Always     Aluminum



        2002  NASCAR Drivers     Set of 9 Cans   
          #9  Bill Elliott    #15  Michael Waltrip    #18  Bobby Labonte     #20  Tony Stewart      #28  Ricky Rudd      #43  John Andretti     #45  Kyle Petty     #88  Dale Jarrett     #99  Jeff Burton



         2002  Detroit Red Wings    Set of 9 Cans    

          #5  Nicklas Lidstrom    #8  Igor Larionov    #14 Brent Shanahan    #17 Brett Hull    #19 Steve Yzerman    #20 Luc Robitaille    #24 Chris Chelios   #39 Dominic Hasek   #91 Sergei Fedorov



          2008  Sun drinking Coke   99 Cent MSRP    

          2009  Large horizontal Coca-Cola    99 Cent MSRP    

          2010  FIFA   Join the Global Celebration   

          2010  FIFA   Join the Global Celebration    99 Cent MSRP    

          2010  FIFA   World Cup Trophy Tour    

          2011  Los Angles Lakers   

          2012  Large Horizontal Logo   

          2013  Large Vertical Logo      

          2013  Glass with Ice Cubes     

          2013  Snow Flakes       



        2014   FIFA World Cup Brasil    

           2015  Bottle   Frosty Cool Can    

           2015  Bottle   Frosty Cool Can   99c MSRP    

           2015  Share a Coke with a Diva/Dude    

           2015  Football    # Share a Coke

           2015  Share a Coke with The Broncos  



            2015  NASCAR Drivers   Series of 7 cans    

         Austin Dillon       Dania Patrick       Denny Hamlin       Tony Stewart      Greg Biffle       Joey Logano       Ryan Newman       




            2015  Share a Coke with a.....   College Series   12 Different    

            Vanderbilt     Georgia Southern     South Carolina     Virginia Tech     West Virginia     East Carolina    

            North Carolina     Alabama     Clemson     Tennessee     Kentucky     North Carolina State



             2016   Share a Coke and a Song   "I've got the music in me"    

             2016  Share a Coke and a Song   "I'm proud to be an American"   USO    



           2016  NASCAR Driver's   Set of Six     

           Austin Dillon     Dania Patrick     Denny Hamlin     Tony Stewart     Joey Logano     Ryan Newman



              2017   USO    

              2017  Original Taste            

              2017  Denver Broncos   World Champions  



              2017  Arizona Cardinals    Denver Broncos      Green Bay Packers     Indianapolis Colts     Kansas City Chiefs     Philadelphia Eagles     



               2017  Oklahoma University     St Louis Cardinals     FIFA 18 Alex Hunter     Chicago Blackhawks     Detroit Redwings    New York Rangers   



               2017  USO   Proud Sponsor   5 Different     Share a Coke with a.....   Refreshing Service Members    

               Military Dad      Military  Mom      Service Member     Military Spouse        Veteran



              2018  Share a Coke with America

              2018  Houston Astros

              2018 Philadelphia Eagles

              2018 Atlanta United

              2018  Boston Red Sox



               2018  New York Mets     Philadelphia Phillies    San Francisco Giants     Chicago White Sox     St Louis Cardinals    



                2018 Atlanta Falcons      Kansas City Chiefs       Philadelphia Eagles      Tampa Bay Buccaneers      Detroit Red Wings      Illinois      Iowa Hawkeyes   



                 2018 Clemson       Indiana University      Notre Dame         Purdue        University of Kentucky        Ole Miss        East Carolina



                2018  North Carolina      North Carolina State      Ohio State      Tennessee      Virginia Tech      West Virginia



                2018  USO  Proud Supporter   5 Different     Share a Coke with a....    

                Airman        Coast Guardsman         Hero                   Sailor                   Veteran



                 2018 World Cup   Russia 2018   8 Different   Share a Coke with a.....                        

                 Centerback           Forward              Fullback              Goalie             Left Wing Back      Midfielder      Right Wing Back      Sweeper



                 2019  Cincinnati Reds   150th Anniversary

                 2019  Share a Coke with Atlanta Falcons   

                 2019  Share a Coke with New Orleans Saints    

                 2019  Share a Coke with a Pro   

                 2019  St Louis Cardinals            

                 2019  Stranger Things



                 2019  USO   Thank You     5 Different    

                 Family          Hero          Service          Spouse          Veteran



                2019 NASCAR Drivers Set of 6

                Austin Dillon       Ryan Newman       Denny Hamlin       Joey Logano       Kyle Larson       Bubba Wallace



                2020 MA Boston Red Sox

                2020 MO St. Louis Cardinals

                2020 NV Las Vegas Raiders   Inaugural Season

                2020  NY Mets   small logo

                2020 PA Philadelphia Phillies



                2020  Say Hello to a Military Hero with a Coke   USO   5 Different



                2021 NJ  50 Years of Can Can

                2021 Recycle Me



               19.2 OZ Coke Cans

               2014  Large Vertical Logo    

               2014  Official Soft Drink of NASCAR   Daytona 500   

               2014  Coca-Cola 600   5-24-2014   

               2014  FIFA  2014