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1989 Special Issue Coca-Cola Cans




           AK  Alaska State Fair   "A Moose Yerself"          

           AL  Six Flags over Georgia   Summer Savings     
           AR  Adventure River   Free Friday Night Twilight Admission     

           AR  Arkansas State Fair     Wanted

           AR  Hamels   Save $2   Project Pride   KSLA 12     
           AR  Liberty Land   Free Sunday Admission When You Buy One     
           AR  Memphis Queen   Free Cruise When You Buy One     
           AR  Putt Putt   Save $2.50     
           AR  Win a 89 Corvette   Play Winning Caps        

           AZ  25th Anniversary   Cochise College   1964 - 1989     



           CA  California State Fair   Aug 18 - Sept 4     
           CA  Great America Skyhawk   $4.00 Off General Admission     
           CA  Waterworld USA   Save $1.50     

           FL   Pensacola Tornados   $2.00 Off Adult Reserved Seats     

           FL   Summerfest 89     Wanted

           GA  Frankfurt German American Volksfest   23 June - 4 July    

           GA  Fulda Marathon    
           GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Spring Breakout   Power 99 FM  Silver around can                

           GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Spring Breakout   Power 99 FM  White around can      
           GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Stars of USSR yellow     
           GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Stars of USSR gold    


           GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Save $5   Fright Night     
           GA Whitewater   gold Black River Falls   Save $3        
           GA Whitewater   silver Black River Falls   Save $3        
           GA You Can't Beat the Feeling in Script     

           IA  Adventureland   Save $3.00   The Falling Star            

           ID  Boise State Football Schedule  
           ID  Boise State   Home Basketball Schedule  

           ID  Eastern Idaho Fair   Sept 2 - 9  



           IL   Six Flags Great America   Rolling Thunder  
           IL   Six Flags Great America   Rolling Thunder    12 pack     
           IL   Six Flags Great America   Rolling Thunder     ES
           IL   Six Flags Great America   Rolling Thunder    12 pack       ES
           IL   Six Flags Great America   Rolling Thunder    [Coke]     
           IL   Six Flags Great America   Rolling Thunder    [Coke]   12 pack      
           IL   Illinois State Fair   August 10 - 20      

           IN  Circle City Classic   Bethune-Cookman Wildcats vs Jackson State Tigers     
           IN  Indiana Beach   Save $4.00     
           IN  Indiana Beach   Save $4.00   12 pack  
           IN  Indiana Beach   Save $4.00   12 pack      ES

 IN  Sundblom Santas'      Indianapolis IN   ES   
                  1935  Santa
                  1935  Santa  12 pack
                  1943  Santa
                  1943  Santa  12 pack
                  1954  Santa 
                  1954  Santa  12 pack
                  1955  Santa
                  1955  Santa  12 pack
                  1958  Santa

                  1958  Santa  12 pack?
                  1961  Santa 
1961  Santa  12 pack?


                  1935  Santa   12 pack
                  1943  Santa   12 pack
                  1954  Santa   12 pack
                  1955  Santa   12 pack
                  1958  Santa   12 pack
                  1961  Santa   12 pack


           KS  Wichita State Shockers   #1   National Baseball Champions       

           LA  Free Grand Stand Admission  Enjoy one free Grand Stand Admission    

           LA  Free Ride On The Natchez     Buy one ticket at regular price    

           LA  Free Water World Admission   AstroWorld   Water World         
           LA  Giant's vs A's in the Dome   March 28 & 29     

           LA Louisiana State Fair   Half Price   News 3   KTBS - TV      
           LA New Orleans Symphony   $2 Off Tickets          

           LA Play Winning Caps   Win a Porsche 944   B97FM     

           LA Putt Putt   New Orleans   Save $2.00  LA        

           LA Saint's Hall of Fame   Free Admission    

           LA Save $1 at the Zoo on any Admission    



           MI  Palace   Home of the Detroit Pistons   [Coke]     

           MN Million Winners Game   Coke      

           MO S M S U   Men's Basketball Schedule  
           MO World's of Fun   Timberwolf   Save $3     
           MT Can't Beat The Feeling in Block letters     
           NC  Summer Thrills of a Lifetime Game   Carowinds     
           NC  Summer Thrills of a Lifetime Game   Opryland     
           NC  Summer Thrills of a Lifetime Game   Six Flags                  

           NC  214th Birthday of the US Marine Corps   New Bern & MWR       
           ND Fort Union   Grand Dedication   August 12 & 13        



           NE  Old West Challenge
           NJ  Clemens   50 Years   1939 - 1989     
           NJ  94 WYSP   Classic Rock' N' Roll      

           NM  Air Show 89   May 6 - 7              

           NM  89 Mining Days   Sept 2-4     

           NM  Enchilada Fiesta   Oct 6, 7, & 8     
           NM  Inter Tribal Ceremonial   August 9 - 13   Gallup               

           NM  New Mexico Amazing Dynamax Theater             
           NM  Uncle Cliffs   Save $2.00     

           NV  Reno Rodeo   June 19 - 25   NV     

           NY  Major League Baseball Team      Series of 26 Cans      New York NY
                   Atlanta Braves   Caffeine Free Coke
                   Baltimore Orioles   Minute Maid Orange
                   Boston Red Sox  
                   California Angles  
                   Chicago Cubs 
                   Chicago White Sox 
                   Cincinnati Reds   Diet Coke
                   Cleveland Indians   Diet Coke
                   Detroit Tigers   [Coke] 


                   Houston Astros   Caffeine Free Diet Coke
                   Kansas City Royals   Caffeine Free Diet Coke
                   Los Angles Dodgers  
                   Milwaukee Brewers   Diet Sprite

                   Minnesota Twins   Diet Coke
                   Montreal Expos   Caffeine Free Coke
                   New York Mets   Minute Maid Orange
                   New York Yankees   [Coke]
                   Oakland Athletics   Sprite
                   Philadelphia Phillies   Tab
                   Pittsburgh Pirates   Sprite


                   San Diego Padres   Diet Minute Maid Orange
                   San Francisco Giants   
                   Seattle Mariners   Caffeine Free Diet Coke
                   St Louis Cardinals   Diet Coke
                   Texas Rangers   Diet Coke
                   Toronto Blue Jays   Fresca

           OK  State Fair of Oklahoma   Sept 13 - Oct 1        

           OR  Pendleton Round Up   Sept 13 - 16 
           PA  150th Erie County Fair   August 11th - 20th     
           PA  Pirates   Cameron Coca-Cola Can Cash-In-Night   Save $3     
           PA  Red Barons Scranton / Wilkes-Barre      

           PA  Sesame Place   Save $3.00 with this can   with border    

           TN  Artfest   gold letters     Surely You Fest!   
           TN  Artfest   black letters   Surely You Fest!  
           TN  Six Flags over Georgia   Summer Savings   1/2 Price     



           TX  Aluminum Cans for Crippled Children                

           TX  Astroworld   The Viper   Spring 89   Save $4 One Day $10 Season Pass    
           TX  Astroworld   The Viper   Halfprice Fridays     

           TX  Astroworld   The Russians are Coming   May 27 thru July 4     

           TX  Astroworld / Waterworld   Two Days of Fun for the Price of One     

           TX  Cans for Education Recycling Program     
           TX  Magic Summer   Check Your Can Tab     
           TX  Six Flags over Texas   Flashback   Save $4 One Day $10 Season Pass    

           TX  State Fair of Texas   Don't Miss Kings Of The Wind  


           TX  Summer Gold   large shield   Win a New Home     
           TX  Summer Gold   small shield   Win a New Home      

           TX  Texas Motorplex   Chief Auto Parts National   Save $3   
           TX  Win the Good Life   Check Your Can Tab     
            UT Lagoon   Save $2   The Bird is the Word     

            VA USS Abraham Lincoln   Commissioned Norfolk Navy Base   November 89