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1987 Special Issue Coca-Cola Cans




                 1987 Max Headroom       [Coke]      Various Canners
                 Max Headroom   Canner Sample     
                "How do I feel" 
                "What does success mean..."  
                 "People ask me if..."  
                 "I attribute my success..."  
                 "I like interesting..."  
                 "I like interesting..."   12 pack     

             "Whatever you do..."  
                 "Whatever you do..."   12 pack     


                  "My favorite music..."  
                  "My favorite music..."   12 pack     
                  "People ask me Max..."  
                  "People ask me Max..."   12 pack      
                  "I love dancing..."  
                  "I love dancing..."   12 pack     


                 Walt Disney World      15th Anniversary Series      Various Canners

                  Happy   Sprite   Canner Sample     

                  Mad Hatter   [Coke]   Canner Sample     

                  Mickey Mouse   Classic   Canner Sample      

                  Minnie Mouse   Classic   Canner Sample     

                  Spaceship Earth   Classic   Canner Sample    


                  Adventureland   Tab     

                  Alice   Tab     

                  American Adventure   Cherry Coke     

                  Bashful   Yellow hat   Sprite     
                  Bashful   Green hat   Sprite           

                  Captain Hook   Diet Sprite     
                  Captain Hook   Minute Maid Lemon Lime     

                  Caterpillar   Sprite     

                  China   Cherry Coke   
                  Cinderella's Castle   Diet Sprite     



                Cheshire Cat        
                Cheshire Cat   [Coke]     

                Daisy Duck   Diet Minute Maid Orange     

                Doc    Cherry Coke    

                Donald Duck   Minute Maid Orange     

                Dopey   Sprite      

               Dumbo   Diet Coke    
               Fantasyland   Sprite     

               Figaro   Diet Coke     

               France   Cherry Coke   
               Frontierland   Diet Cherry Coke   



               Geppetto   Diet Coke     

               Germany   Sprite      

               Goofy   Diet Minute Maid Orange                     

               Grumpy   Sprite       

               Happy   Sprite     

               Huey, Dewey, Louie   Minute Maid Orange     

               Italy   Tab     

               Jimney Cricket   Green background   Diet Sprite    
               Jimney Cricket   White background   Diet Sprite     

               Mad Hatter   [Coke]     
               Mad Hatter   Diet Cherry Coke     



             Mainstreet USA  
             March Hare  
             March Hare   [Coke]    

             Mexico   Sprite     

             Mickey Mouse   

             Minnie Mouse  

             Morocco   Diet Coke       

             Peter Pan   Diet Sprite        

             Pinochio   Diet Cherry Coke    


             Sleepy   Cherry Coke   



             Sneezy   Cherry Coke    
             Snow White   Cherry Coke    

             Spaceship Earth                         

             Tinker Bell   Diet Coke     
             Tomorrowland   Diet Coke     

             Tweedle Dee & Dum   [Coke]    
             Tweedle Dee & Dum   Diet Cherry Coke     

             Wendy   Cherry Coke    

             White Rabbit   Tab    
             World Showcase  

           AK  Aloha Friday   Alaska State Fair   Save $2.00      

           CA  California State Fair   Aug 21 - Sept 7     
           CA  Great America   $4.00 Off General Admission   
           CA  Great America   $4.00 Off General Admission   [Coke]     
           CA  Junior Padres Club   $2.00 Off Membership     

           CA  Kent A Snyder 30 Years Service   March 6,1957 - March 31, 1987     
           CA  Magic Mountain   $5 Off After 5 PM  
           CA  Magic Mountain   $5 Off After 5 PM   [Coke]     


            CA  Mr & Mrs Big   Queen Mary Spruce Goose   Save $3.00   
            CA  Mr & Mrs Big   Queen Mary Spruce Goose   Save $3.00  [Coke]      

            CA  Raging Waters   $2.00 Off               

            CA  The City of Los Angles Marathon       

            CA  Toyota Gran Prix   Silver Struts on Race Car   [Coke]    
            CA  Toyota Gran Prix   White Struts on Race Car  [ Coke]    
            CA  Waterworld   Save $1.50   Surf's Up Sundays  
            CA  Waterworld   Save $1.50   Surf's Up Sundays   [Coke]      



            CO  Hot Tops  
            CO  Hot Tops   [Coke]     
            CO  United Way Centennial   1887 - 1987       

            GA  Here's to You The United States Armed Forces      
            GA  Here's to You The United States Armed Forces & Coast Guard     
            GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Spring Fling     
            GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Buy One Get One Free      
            GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Sunday Fundays     

            GA  Whitewater   $3 Off Regular Admission  $15 Off Season Pass       


             HI  Honolulu Marathon   December 13               

             IA  Hot Car Cold Cash     
             ID  Boise State Football   Bronco Schedule     
             IL   Six Flags Great America   Save $3.00     
             IL   Six Flags Great America   Save $3.00   12 Pack      

             IN   Pan American Games   Official Soft Drink     
             IN   Pan American Games   Official Soft Drink   12 Pack     
             IN   Rochester Zebras   1987 AA Indiana State Football Champions        


             LA  Louisiana State Fair   Half Price Admission   KTBS - TV      

             LA  NLU  Indian Football Schedule    

             LA  Play Fun Tops     
             MN  Hot Car Cold Cash     

             MO  Worlds of Fun   Pandamonium   Save $3.00                

             MT  Hot Car Cold Cash  Yellow on white background     
             MT  Hot Car Cold Cash    [Coke]     

             ND  Hot Car Cold Cash    

             ND  North Dakota Winter Show   50th Annual   March 13 - 15     
             ND  Williston Centennial   1887 - 1987     

             NE   Lincoln County Fair   North Platt Nebraska   Aug 9 - 17     

             NE   Peony Park   Save $2.00             

             NE   Old West Balloon Race's   Oct 10 & 11          

             NM  Enchilada Festival   Oct 2, 3, & 4     
             NM  New Mexico State Fair   Coca-Cola Days  Sept 15 & 16     

             NM  Spectacular Air Show   May 9 - 10   Roswell   



           NV   Reno Rodeo   50th Anniversary   June 19 - 28   NV     

           NY   Fantasy Island   $2 Off   WYVB 4 TV  
           NY   Fantasy Island   $2 Off   WYVB 4 TV   [Coke]          

           NY   Great Escape   New York's Largest Fun Park    

           NY  Superbowl      Series of 24 Cans      New York NY
                   Superbowl Facts   
                   Superbowl Facts    Cherry Coke
                   Superbowl I   
                   Superbowl II    Diet Sprite
                   Superbowl III    Sprite
                   Superbowl IV    Cherry  Coke
                   Superbowl V   
                   Superbowl VI    Cherry Coke


                   Superbowl VII   Diet Cherry Coke
                   Superbowl VIII    Diet Minute Maid Orange
                   Superbowl IX    Sprite
                   Superbowl X    Cherry Coke 

                   Superbowl XI    Diet Coke
                   Superbowl XII    Diet Cherry Coke
                   Superbowl XIII    Cherry Coke
                   Superbowl XIV   Sprite


                    Superbowl XV  
                    Superbowl XVI   Diet Coke

                    Superbowl XVII   Diet Sprite
                    Superbowl XVIII   Minute Maid Ornge
                    Superbowl XIX   Diet Coke
                    Superbowl XX  
                    Superbowl XXI   [Coke]
                    Superbowl XXII   Cherry Coke 


           OK  Frontier City   Peek-In-Weekends   Save $2.00    [Coke]    
           OK  Oklahoma Symphony   50 Years of Music    

           PA  Hamburg Susqcentennial   April 3 - October 31  
           PA  Save $2   Pirates   A New Century of Hardball  
           PA  Save $2   Pirates   A New Century of Hardball  [ Coke]  
           TN  Artfest   September 18 - October 10  
           TN  Six Flags over Georgia   Twicket   Save $2.50       

           TX  Astroworld   $5 Savings One Day Ticket $10 Savings Season Pass     

           TX  Catch the Wave   Win A Porsche 944     



           TX  Children's Hospital Telethon   May 30 - 31   Texas Panhandle     

           TX  Easy Money   In these Malls      Houston

           TX  Ft Worth Stock Show   Save 1/2 Off Admission Price    

           TX  Keep Austin Beautiful   Don't Mess With Texas    
           TX  Motorplex   NHRA   Save $3.00     

           TX  Play Bonus Tops          

           TX  Power Tops 93  
           TX  Power Tops 93   [Coke]     


           TX  Save Battleship Texas   Recycle Aluminum Cans    

           TX  Save Battleship Texas   Recycle Aluminum Cans     
           TX  Six Flags over Texas   Sneak Preview     

           TX  Six Flags over Texas   Sneak Preview with border    

           TX  Water Wonderland   Save $2.00    

           TX   Western Playland Amusement Park   93-Z     

           WA  Husky Fever   University of Washington          

           WA Woodland Distribution Center   Southwest Washington        

           WY  Cheyenne Frontier Days   July 17 - 26    
           WY  Cheyenne Frontier Days   July 17 - 26   Country Mart     
           WY  Snowy Range   New Expanded Skiing     

           16 OZ        

           CA   16 oz  Super Max   "My favorite music..."  RecyCAL    [Coke]

           WA  16 oz  Super Max   "I like interesting...."     [Coke]

           WA  16 oz Super Max   "My favorite music"    [Coke]

           WA  16 oz Super Max    "People ask me "    [Coke]

           WA  16 oz  Super Max   "Whatever you do..."     [Coke]