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1985 Special Issue Coca-Cola Cans


   [New Coke] Formula Introduced     Coke Original Formula Re-Introduced as Coke Classic



         AR  Passbook   See Arkansas First    [New Coke]     
         AZ  Arizona State Fair   1/2 Price Days     
         AZ  Arizona State Fair   1/2 Price Days   [New Coke]     
         AZ  Fiesta Bowl   Save $1.50 Reserved Seats   Tempe AZ       
         AZ  Fiesta Bowl   Save $1.50 Reserved Seats   Tempe AZ   [New Coke]      

         AZ  Hot 96 Rock KLPX  [Tucson]    Check Under Tab   [New Coke]
         AZ  Hot 98  KUPD   Silver Offers   [New Coke]     
         AZ  Hot 98  KUPD   Red Offers on White Background      

         AZ  Rodeo of Rodeos 



         CA  California State Fair   Aug 16 - Sept 2   [New Coke]    

         CA  Redding Rodeo Association   37th Annual   May 17 - 18    

         CA  Waterworks Park    [New Coke]    
         CA  Win A Vacation to Hawaii   World Airways    
         CO  Associated Grocers of Colorado     

         CO  Associated Grocers of Colorado     
         CO  Children's Hospital Telethon      Contribution Bank
         CO  Children's Hosptial Telethon      Contribution Bank
         CO  Denver Broncos   Western Division Champs     


         CO  Discover Giving   United Way       
         CO  Discover Giving   United Way   [New Coke]     
         CO  Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Contest   [New Coke]    

         DL  Delaware State Fair   July 19 - 27   [New Coke]     

         GA   Look Under the Tab to See What You've Won!  [New Coke]      
         GA  Six Flags over Georgia   Fall Best of All       
         GA  Splash into White Water   Save $3     

          IL   Great America   Springtime Magic  
          IL   Great America   Springtime Magic   12 pack      


          IN   Congratulations  Kokomo High School Wildkats  State Champions      
          IN   Culver Lakefest   5 Mile Run   July 20   [New Coke]    
          IN   Elkhart County Fair   July 19 - 27   Goshen IN   [New Coke]     
          IN   Ethnic Festival   July 6 & 7   South Bend IN   [New Coke]  

          IN   Miracle Network Telethon     Contribution Bank   

          KY  University of Kentucky   Host of the Final Four      

          LA  Children's Hospital Telethon    Live on TV 6    Contribution Bank    
          LA  Sports Festival VI   Goudchaux / maison blanche   [New Coke]     
          LA  Sports Festival VI   maison blanche   [New Coke]     

          LA  Louisiana State Fair    Wanted 

          MI  Detroit Tiger's    1984 Baseball World Champions     26 Can Set   [Classic]     Detroit MI
           #1   Lou Whitaker
           #3   Alan Trammell
           #8   Marty Castillo
           #9   Doug Baker
         #13   Lance Parrish
         #14   Dave Bergman
         #15   Rusty Kuntz
         #16   Tom Brookens

         #17   Bill Scherrer
         #19   Dave Rozema
        #20   Howard Johnson
         #21   Willie Hernandez
         #23   Kirk Gibson

         #27   Barbaro Garbey
         #29   Aurelio Lopez
         #30   John Grubb
         #31   Larry Hendron


         #32   Ruppert Jones
         #34   Chet Lemon
         #39   Milt Wilcox
         #40   Doug Bair
         #41   Darrell Evans
         #42   Sid Monge
         #44   Juan Berenguer
         #46   Dan Petry
         #47   Jack Morris

          MN   Win Hot Car & Cold Cash   White letters   [New Coke]     
          MO   Variety Club 19th Telethon   KSDK-TV        
          MO   V.P. Fair   July 3 - July 7   St Louis MO   [New Coke]    

          MO  Worlds of Fun   Haunted Theatre   Save $3             

          NC   Carowinds   $3 Off Adult admission  
          NC   Red White and You Sweepstakes     

          NE   Bluegrass On The Platte   June 8 7 9   KNEB AM/FM       
          NE   Chadron Nebraska Centennial   1885 - 1985   [New Coke]     


         NE   Elwood Nebraska Centennial   1885 - 1985      
         NE   Imperial Nebraska Centennial   Honor Our Heritage    [New Coke]   
         NE   Old West Balloon Race's   Oct 5 & 6  
         NE   Sidney Nebraska Centennial   Toughest Town On The Tracks   [New Coke]            

         NJ    Great Adventure   $3 Off a Combination Ticket   Black Car   [New Coke]   
          NJ    Great Adventure   $3 Off a Combination Ticket   White Car   [New Coke]    

         NV   Reno Rodeo   June 21 - 30     
         NY   Disney Summer Magic   $2 Off   [New Coke]        


         NY   Fantasy Island   Summertime Celebration   [New Coke]     

         NY   Great Escape Fun Park   [New Coke]       

         NY   Playland   You could win $10,000 in Cash   [New Coke]    
         NY   Playland   Present this can and receive a chance to win $10,000 Cash plus   [New Coke]       

         NY   Playland    Win $10,000   [New Coke]     
         NY   The New York Experience   $1.00 Off   [New Coke}     
         NY   The Seaport Experience   $1.00 Off    [New Coke]    

         OK   Big Splash Waterpark   Save $2.00      


         OK   Miracle Network Telethon     Contribution Bank          

         OK   Oral Roberts Titans   Basketball Schedule    
         OK   Tulsa University  Golden Hurricanes   Basketball Schedule     
         OK   White Water  Super Preview   Buy One Admission, Get One Free       

         PA   Hershey Park   Save $2.00   [New Coke}   
         PA   Hershey Park   Save $2.00   [New Coke}      ES   
         PA   Villanova University   1984 & 1985 National Champions   [New Coke]     ES    

         PA   Walt Disney's   Magic Kingdom On Ice      ES         
         SC   South Atlantic Canners Inc.   #1   January 28      



         SD   Enjoy Mt Rushmore & The Beautiful Black Hills   [New Coke]     

         TN   Chattanooga River Bend Festival   June 16 - 23   [New Coke]     
         TN   Jack Seymour Appreciated      
         TN   Six Flags over Georgia   Sneak Preview   Save $4     

         TX   Astroworld   $4 Savings On Any One Day Ticket  

         TX   Children's Miracle Network Telethon     Contribution Bank
         TX   Ft Worth Stock Show   5 KXAS-TV    
         TX   Keep Austin Beautiful   Recycle   Don't Mess With Texas      


         TX   Parks & Recreation   Learn to Swim   City of El Paso      

         TX   Play Hot Tops   Austin    [New Coke]     

         TX   Play Hot Tops  Houston     [New Coke]    

         TX   Magic Landing   Terrific Tuesday   [New Coke]     

         TX   Save Hot Tops   92 1/2 KA FM   Dallas   [New Coke]    

         TX   Six Flags over Texas   Sneak Preview   Save $4      

         TX   State Fair of Texas   Half Price Admission   

          TX   The Texas Renaissance Festival   $2.00 Savings         



         TX   This Can is Worth 3 Cents for Classroom Computer   [New Coke]     
         TX   White Water   $10 Off Super Season Pass    
         WY  Cheyenne Frontier Days   July 19 - 28   WY   [New Coke]     

         WY  Cody Night Rodeo