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1980-82 Special Issue Coca-Cola Cans



           GA    North Avenue Tower     ES  

           MA   Needham New Plant Grand Opening     ES    

           MD   75th Anniversary Baltimore     ES   




          CO    Christy & Dave Marriage Celebration     
          CO    Colorado Collectors Prints    

          LA    Wendy's 6th Annual Convention     ES        

          OH    Special Olympics   Toledo OH    

          TX    Six Flags over Texas   Halloweekends     

          TX    Astroworld   Don't Miss Bonus Night    

          WA  75th Anniversary Pacific   Black UPC    
          WA  75th Anniversary Pacific   Red UPC     

          WA  75th Anniversary Pacific   Silver UPC 




          AZ  Peel a Fortune  KDKB    

          CA   California State Fair   Aug 24 - Sept 6     

          CA   Find The Hidden Six   KZAP-98     

          CA   Peel a Fortune   Mexican Holiday   K-60   White letters  
          CA   Peel a Fortune   Universal Travel   KNVR-97   White letters     
          CA   Peel a Fortune   Yellow letters    
          CA   Rock the Boat Sweepstakes   KZAP-98  
          CO   News Center 4  Tonight 10PM    

           IN    National Sports Festival       ES       
           IN    Plymouth Pilgrims   High School Basketball Champs     

           IN    75th Anniversary   Kokomo-Logansport   1907-1982


           MO  Peel a Fortune   White letters       ES  
           MO  Six Flags St Louis   Flying Start       ES      
           MT  Welcome to Great Falls     Bank

           ND   Dickinson ND    Our First One Hundred Years    

           ND   Project Awareness   ND Jaycees   Key to Greater Savings        

           OH   Special Olympics   Toledo OH  
           OK  White Water Family Water Park   $1.00 Off    

           TN   World's Fair   Knoxville TN      

           TN   World's Fair   Knoxville TN     ES


          TX   Peel a Fortune   White letters     

          TX   Six Flags over Texas   Sneak Preview   Save $4     

          TX   Six Flags over Texas   Halloweekends   Save $4          

          TX   State Fair of Texas   News 8 WFAA-TV    

          TX   White Water Family Water Park   $1.00 Off        

          TX   Astroworld   Don't Miss A Free Coke Bonus Night     
          TX   Astroworld   Summer Savings       

          WA  Recycle Cans for Cash