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1917   L. D. Peeler     Salisbury North Carolina


          2019 7.5 FL OZ



              1965  SS  Contents 12 Fluid Ounces above name

              1976   AL Contents 12 Fluid Ounces below slogan  

              1976   CS Contents 12 Fluid Ounces below slogan  

              1980   CS 12 FL. OZ.  355 ML  

              1989   AL Contents 12 Fluid Ounces  

              1989   ES  Contents 12 Fluid Ounces  

                          AL 12 FL. OZ.  355 ml  

                          AL 12 FL. OZ.  355 ml   33c Suggested Retail Price  



              1992  AL 12 FL. OZ.  355 ml   Birthday Bash 75 

                         AL 12 FL OZ  (355 mL)  

                         AL 12 FL OZ  (355 mL)   The Cherry Different Soft Drink  

              2010  AL 12 FL OZ  (355 mL)   Unique Sparkling Soft Drink  

              2012  AL 12 FL OZ (355 mL)    Soft Drink Legend Since 1917  


         2017  Cheerwine 100th Anniversary     Retro Set of 50 Moments of Cheer     Salisbury North Carolina 28145



         Cheerwine is Born:  L.D. Peeler concocts his flavor sensation in 1917. The world rejoices!   #1 of 50

              "OMG":  The first known use of the term was in 1917, the same year Cheerwine was introduced.  #2 of 50

               Cheerwine Saves The Day:  Prohibition begins in 1920. Thank goodness folks could turn to us.   #3 of 50

               Tasty Airwaves:  Cheerwine airs its first radio ad in 1927.   #4 of 50

               Cool Innovation:  Separate compartment home freezers created in 1940. Cheerwine slushie anyone?   #5 of 50  

               Star Spangled Banner:  Becomes the national anthem in 1931. Cheers America  #6 of 50   

               Sliced Bread:  First sliced loaves were made in 1928. Its the best thing since   #7 of 50

               Ike Likes:  Eisenhower becomes the 1st President to try Cheerwine in 1953.   #8 of 50



               Big Change:  Cheerwine changed from the 6oz bottle to a "king size"8oz in 1957.   #9 of 50

               The Twist:  Chubby Checker's hit inspires the dance craze in 1960. Twist off bottles come later.   #10 of 50

               Nice Genes:  The DNA generic code is broken in 1961. Cheerwine's formula is still secret, however.   #11 of 50

               Smiles All Around:  The smiley-face created in 1963. Betcha Can't Not Smile!   #12 of 50

               Groovy:  The lave lamp is invented in 1963. Its real. It contains bubbles. No wonder we love it!   #13 of 50

               Jeopardy:  First airs in 1964. What is Cheerwine for a 100, Alex?   #14 of 50

               Mother Earth:  First Earth Day is celebrated in 1970. Yup, this can is recyclable.   #15 of 50

               Basket of Cheer:  Cheerwine debuts the 6 pack carrier that mimics a straw bucket in 1962.   #16 of 50



         Mayberry: Sheriff & debuty duo debut in this small NC town in 1963. We relate.   #17 of 50

              Nice Pull:  The first pull tab for aluminum cans is invented in 1963. Pop open a Cheerwine.   # 18 of 50

              Stlrrling Speech:  MLK, Jr..delivers "I have a dream" on August 29, 1963.   #19 of 50

              Sticky Notes:  Invented in 1968. Make a note to buy more Cheerwine.   #20 of 50

              Giant Leap:  Moon landing on July 20,1969.Should've taken a Cheerwine selfie!   #21 of 50

              Email:  1st email system created in1971, Great way to spread the Cheer.   #22 of 50



              Disco Fever:  Disco reaches a fever pitch in 1977. Cheerwine makes you dance too!   #23 of 50

              Rewind:  Cassette-tape players are introduced in the US in 1980, keeping your hands free for more Cheerwine.   #24 of 50

              The Mullet: Gains popularity in 1980.Business in front, party in back, Cheerwine in hand.   #25 of 50

              Sally Ride:  Becomes the first American women in space in 1983. Cheers to Sally!   #26 of 50

              Ice Cream, You Scream:  President Regan names July Nat'l Ice Cream Month in 1984. Mnnnnn Cheerwine Floats.   #27 of 50

              Halley's Comet:  Showed up in 198 then said 'see ya' in 2061.We'll still be going strong!   #28 of 50

              Go Big:  The final issue of our 8oz is dispersed in 1989.   #29 of 50



         Huge Calling:  The 20 lb. cellphone debuts in 1983. Call your friends & spread the Cheer!   #30 of 50

              Happy Jeans:  "Acid wash"was patented in 1986. Spill Cheerwine on them to add color.     #31 of 50

              Inline Skates:  Rolled into pop culture in 1987. Cuts down travel time to the fridge!   #32 of 50

              WWW:  Internet is invented in 1989. Led to drinking Cheerwine during cat vids.   #33 of 50

              Space Invader:  The Hubble Telescope is launched in 1990. Wave with your #Cheer InTheAir!.   #34 of 50

              President Bush:  Tried his first Cheerwine during a 4th of July parade in Faith, NC. in 1992.    #35 of 50

              The Macarena:  Becomes the biggest dance hit of the 90's. Don't spill Cheerwine when reenacting it!   #36 of 50



               LOL:  1997 saw the dawn of instant messaging. GR4tlking 'bout Cheerwine!   #37 of 50

               Fierce Taste:  Food Lion introduces Cheerwine Ice Cream in 2002.   #38 of 50

               YOLO:  Becomes popular in 2011.  Have a Cheerwine! #YOLO   #39 of 50

               Legendary Punch:  In 2014 our Cheerwine Punch family recipe is finally bottled.   #40 of 50

               Squeezy Livin':  The refreshing citrus blend known as Cheerwine Squeeze hits the market in Summer 2015.   #41 of 50

               Super Sdency:  Cheerwine Labs is created in 2016 to examine what makes Cheerwine so amazing.   #42 of 50

               Your Story.  The moment you first tried Cheerwine. Tell us about it! #Cheerwine Memory   #43 of 50



               ZOCK:  The #21 Cheerwine race car driven by Morgan  Shepherd debuts in1997.  #44 of 50

               Y2K:  Caused a pause in operations at the end of 1999. Don't worry, our recipe is safe!   #45 of 50

               Emoji:  Introduced in2010. Do you love Cheerwine?   #46 of 50

               Yes He Can:  President Obama enjoyed a Cheerwine at Mast General Store in 2011.   #47 of 50

               LG:  Cheerwine & the Avett Brother's host first Legendary Giveback benefit concert in 2012!   #48 of 50

               Taste Buds:  Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme team up in 2016 to create Cheerwine Kreme, the soft drink!   #49 of 50

              Your Favorite Moment:  Tell us about your favorite time with Cheerwine.#Cheerwine Memory   #50 of 50

          Welcome Page


 6 FLUID OZS.    Salisbury N.C.


                 1968  Cont. 8 FL. OZS.   It's Good Taste!

                 1980   8 FL. OZS.   It's Good Taste!

                 1984 16 FL.OZS. (1 PT)   It's Good Taste! 

                 1977 32 FL. OZS. (ONE QUART)   Money Back Bottle


 10 FL. OZ. 296 ml


                 1992 12 FL. OZ. over (355 mL)   75th Anniversary   acl no return

                           12 FL. OZ. over (355 mL)   Bottling Good Cheer Since 1917   acl no return

                           12 FL. OZ. over (355 mL)  Seek The Unique   acl no return

                           12 FL. OZ.  355 ml.   Real Sugar   acl o return

                 2007 12 FL. OZ.  355 ml.   90th Anniversary   acl no return

                 2010 12 FL  OZ  355 mL    Unique Sparkling Soft Drink  acl  no return

                 2017 12 FL  OZ  355 mL    100 Years of Cheer   1917 - 2017   acl no return

                 2020 12 FL  OZ  355 mL    Crafted Cherry Taste   acl no return