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 Collecting United States Soft Drink Items


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This site was created to  provide information to help collectors build their collection.

 The items listed on these pages are a reflection of the soft drink items we have found for our collection.

We DO NOT collect every BRAND of soda or most ZERO and DIETS of every brand.

We collect what we like and every collector needs too and should collect in their own way.

We hope the information on this site is helpful to you.


Collection items pictured are not for sale.


The items listed in black on this site exist and we would like to locate for this collection.

We are also looking for cans that are not listed on a specific page.

We buy and trade for items wanted and will sell duplicate items that we have.


 Many of the pictures used on this web site are thumb nails that can be enlarged by clicking on that picture.

Not all items are pictured and some pages will be slow loading because of the number of items on that page.


 Enjoy your visit!


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    Frostie         Grapette         Green River         Hires         Masons         Mountain Dew        Nesbitts         Nugrape         Orange Crush        Pepsi-Cola   



 RC Cola            Rootbeer            Seven Up            Ski              Squirt             Suncrest             Sun Drop             Sunkist   


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Thank You for visiting and Good Luck in your "hunt"!


John C.


This site was first published in January 2003.

Soft Drink Can Lid Types


 Cone Top                     Flat Top                    Juice Top                    Slide Back                     Zip Top                     Pull Ring                    Push Button                   Tab Top

Abbreviations Used      AL  Aluminum Can       CS  Crimped Steel Can      ES  Extruded [formed] Steel Can      SS  Straight Steel Can    

Helping Date When Your Soda Cans Were Made


Cone Top's were discontinued in the mid 50's.

Zip Code's were introduced in 1963 but not mandatory.

Universal Bar Code's were introduced in 1973.

Metric Measurement's were added in 1976.

Zip Code plus four started in 1983

Nutritional Panel's were added in 1994.








The soft drink companies represented on these pages are not affiliated with nor do they sponsor this site.

All items pictured were acquired in secondary markets and are part of the collection of the publisher.